8Club Name: Prime Producers
Sponsor: Greene County Agricultural Society
Location:  Greene County Fairgrounds 100 Fairground Rd., Xenia, OH
Pattern: Ohio Star – modified


6Club Name: Noah’s Ark
Sponsor: King Family Farm, Morris & Sons Farm, Harner Farm Drainage and Kevin Reed Family
Location: Rick Peters Excavating 3113 US 68 S., Xenia, OH
Pattern: Ark (only visible North bound)


7Club Name: Country Rebels
Sponsor: Kurt Wolfangel
Location: The Lapchynski – Foos Homestead 1030 McPherson Rd., Xenia, OH
Pattern: Tumbleweed


10Club Name: Fairborn Jr. Farmers
Sponsor: Hyder Auto Services & Flatter Auction Company
Location: Bowling Family, 2892 St. Rt. 235 Xenia, OH
Pattern: Friendship Star


8Club Name: Prime Producers
Sponsor: Rita Tobias
Location: Tobias Family, 2170 Clark Run Rd. Xenia, OH
Pattern: Ohio Star (2) Modified


23Club Name: Clover All Stars
Sponsor: Treasurer, James Schmidt, CPA
Location: Alm Family, 1915 Old 35 E., Xenia, OH
Pattern: Square on Square NP


24Club Name: Clover Patch
Sponsor: Levin, Shelek, Mihlbacher, Bosl, Arnold, and Marshall Families
Location: Marshall Family Farm 1260 US Old 35 E., Xenia, OH
Pattern: Interlocking O’s


25Club Name: Creative Christian Clovers
Sponsor: Berryhill Farms
Location: Berryhill Farms, 145 E. Krepps Rd. (across from Woodside Way) Xenia, OH
Pattern: Bethlehem Star


31Friend Name: Friend of 4-H
Sponsor: Greene County Convention & Visitors Bureau
Location: Greene County Courthouse 45 N. Detroit St., Xenia, OH
Pattern: Ohio Star Mosaic


Club Name: T-Birds/Got Dirt
Sponsor: T-Birds/Got Dirt 4-H Clubs
Location: The Grieve-Graham Family 2328 Grieves Rd., Xenia, OH
Pattern: Twisted Star


Club Name: 4-H Rangers
Sponsor: Senator – Chris Widener
Location: The King Family, 989 Union Rd. Xenia, OH
Pattern: Underground Railroad


40Friend Name: Friend of 4-H
Sponsor: 3F Coaching – Diane Dixon & Denise Davis
Location: Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce 343 W. Market St., Xenia, OH
Pattern: Maltese Cross


37Friend Name: Friend of 4-H
Sponsor: Judy Ireton
Location: Xenia Train Depot & Bike Hub, S. Detroit St., Xenia, OH
Pattern: Ohio Star


41Friend Name: Friend of 4-H
Sponsor: Dixon Family Farm
Location: Dixon Family Farm 1934 Needmore Rd., Xenia, OH
Pattern: Wedding Bouquet


39Friend Name: Friend of 4-H
Sponsor: Knickerbocker Pools
Location: Knickerbocker Pools 2001 US 68 N. , Xenia, OH
Pattern: Fun in the Sun (self designed)


19Club Name: Classy Caballos
Sponsor: State Rep. Bob Hackett
Location: Boyette Family 3860 Old Winchester Trail Xenia, OH
Pattern: Windmill LHJ



1Club Name: Greene Clover Gals & Guys
Sponsor: Beavercreek Chamber of Commerce & Women in Business
Location: Karohl Park Barn – Greene County Parks 940 Hohl Dr., Beavercreek, OH
Pattern: County Fair


2Club Name: R2T2
Sponsor: Beaver-Vu Bowling
Location: Beaver-Vu Bowling, 1238 N. Fairfield Rd. Beavercreek, OH
Pattern: Ohio Star 4


3Club Name: Splash
Sponsor: Travelplex Beavercreek – Pat Buckholt
Location: Daytona Mills, 1148 Old Mill Lane Beavercreek, OH
Pattern: Ohio Star Modified


4Club Name: WPAFB Green Patriots
Sponsor: Yanton’s Outdoor Living
Location: Yanton’s Outdoor Living 3991 Shakertown Rd. Beavercreek, OH
Pattern: Tracks in the Snow


5Club Name: Greene Sparks
Sponsor: Marilyn Reid – Attorney at Law
Location: Marilyn Reid, 3866 Indian Ripple Rd. Beavercreek, OH
Pattern: Friendship

Club Name: Kreative Kids
Sponsor: GCCVB / Kreative Kids
Location: Phillips Park, 651 Dayton-Xenia Rd. Beavercreek, OH
Pattern: Endless Squares


35Friend Name: Friend of 4-H
Sponsor: Mike Buckwalter, Attorney at Law
Location: Wartinger Park – Beavercreek Parks & Historical Society, 3080 Kemp Rd. Beavercreek, OH
Pattern: Lone Star


34Friend Name: Friend of 4-H
Sponsor: Greene County Agricultural Society
Location: Hobson Freedom Park – Greene County Parks 2910 Trebein Rd., Beavercreek, OH
Pattern: Courthouse Square – modified



32Friend Name: Friend of 4-H
Sponsor: Friend of 4-H
Location: Kurt and Lori Bublick, 4600 N. US 42 E. Cedarville, OH
Pattern: State Fair



9Club Name: Fairborn All Stars
Sponsor: Fairborn City Schools Board of Education
Location: Fairborn High School 900 E. Dayton-Yellow Springs Rd. Fairborn, OH
Pattern: Walking Across Ohio


11Club Name: Kitty Hawk Fliers
Sponsor: TFC Energy, LLC
Location: TFC Technologies, Inc., 1 Herald Sq. Fairborn, OH
Pattern: Weathervane Pinwheel


36Friend Name: Jr. Fair Board
Sponsor: Greene County Jr. Fair Board
Location: Nutter Center, 3640 Col. Glenn Hwy. Fairborn, OH
Pattern: Lucky Clover


26Club Name: Creek Champs
Sponsor: Country Inn and Suites
Location: Pin High Driving Range & Learning 2822 Beaver Valley Rd. Fairborn/Beavercreek, OH
Pattern: Mayor’s Courtyard – Modified


Clifton & Yellow Springs

33Friend Name: Friend of 4-H
Sponsor: Historic Clifton Mill
Location: Historic Clifton Mill, 75 Water St. Clifton, OH
Pattern: Four Mills variation


20Club Name: Husky Hustlers
Sponsor: Jackie Hammond
Location: Jim and Libby Hammond 3073 US 68 N. Yellow Springs, OH
Pattern: Barnstormers


21Club Name: Fair Play 4-H’ers
Sponsor: Town Drug & Janice Blandford
Location: Mullin Family Barn, 4300 St. Rt. 370 Yellow Springs, OH
Pattern: Bow Tie Variation


22Club Name: Dreamcatchers
Sponsor: Hydebrook Farms, LLC
Location: Hydebrook Farms, 2126 US 68 N. Yellow Springs, OH
Pattern: 4-H’s (only visible South bound)



Friend Name: Friend of 4-H
Sponsor: Bingland Farms
Location: Bingamon Family next to 257 Junkin Rd.
Pattern: Snow Crystal

12Club Name: Buc-a-Roo
Sponsor: Bingland Farms
Location: Bingamon Family, 4223 Old 35 E. Jamestown, OH
Pattern: County Fair


13Club Name: Clover Crew
Sponsor: Courtyard & Residence Inn by Marriott
Location: Faris Family, 4330 Webb Rd. Jamestown, OH
Pattern: Triangles and Squares


14Club Name: Goal Getters
Sponsor: Universal 1 Credit Union
Location: Wooten Family 4760 Waynesville-Jamestown Rd. Jamestown, OH
Pattern: Martha’s Choice


15Club Name: Jamestown Jr. Farmers
Sponsor: Willis & Hecker, CPA’s
Location: MTK Heating, 2671 St. Rt. 72 S. Jamestown, OH
Pattern: Farmers Fields


16Club Name: Pioneers
Sponsor: Beavercreek Moose Lodge and New Jasper Township
Location: New Jasper Township Bldg. 750 S. New Jasper Station Rd. Jamestown, OH
Pattern: Friendship Star Quilt


17Club Name: Ross Champs
Sponsor: Ross Camps Advisors and Alumni
Location: Ross Township Bldg. 1700 S. Charleston Rd. Jamestown, OH
Pattern: Glitter Glitter


Spring Valley

18Club Name: Spring Valley Country Kids
Sponsor: Spring Valley Chamber of Commerce
Location: Apple Country Farm Market 2323 US Rt. 42, Spring Valley, OH
Pattern: Summer’s Dream


38Friend Name: Friend of 4-H
Sponsor: The Zehring Family
Location: The Zehring Family, 6 W. Main St. Spring Valley, OH
Pattern: Sunburst (only visible South bound)


27Club Name: Greene County All Ears
Sponsor: Adventure Acres Corn Maze and Family Fun Center
Location: Adventure Acres Corn Maze and Family Fun Center 784 S. Alpha Bellbrook Rd. Bellbrook, OH
Pattern: Propellers (self designed)

Driving TourSquareDescriptionCommunity
1Prime Producers -
Ohio Star - modified

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2Friend of 4-H -
Maltese Cross (Best viewed in early morning light)

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3Friend of 4-H -
Ohio Star Mosaic

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4Friend of 4-H -
Ohio Star (Dedicated to Donna Sue Groves)

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54-H Rangers -
Underground Railroad

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6Creative Christian Clovers -
Bethlehem Star

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7Country Rebels -

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8Spring Valley Country Kids -
Summer’s Dream

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Spring Valley/
9Friend of 4-H -
Sunburst (only visible South bound)

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Spring Valley/
10Greene County All Ears -
Propellers (self designed)

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Spring Valley/
11Greene Sparks -

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12WPAFB Green Patriots -
Tracks in the Snow

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13Splash -
Ohio Star Modified

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14R2T2 -
Ohio Star 4

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15Kreative Kids -
Endless Squares

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16Greene Clover Gals & Guys -
County Fair

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17Friend of 4-H -
Lone Star

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18Jr. Fair Board -
Lucky Clover

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19Creek Champs -
Mayor’s Courtyard - Modified

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20Fairborn All Stars -
Walking Across Ohio

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21Kitty Hawk Fliers -
Weathervane Pinwheel

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22Fairborn Jr. Farmers -
Friendship Star

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23Friend of 4-H -
Fun in the Sun (self designed)

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24Prime Producers -
Ohio Star (2) Modified

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25Dreamcatchers -
4-H’s (only visible South bound)

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Clifton &
Yellow Springs
26Husky Hustlers -

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Clifton &
Yellow Springs
27Fair Play 4-H’ers -
Bow Tie Variation

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Clifton &
Yellow Springs
28Friend of 4-H -
Four Mills variation

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Clifton &
Yellow Springs
29Friend of 4-H -
State Fair

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30Ross Champs -
Glitter Glitter

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31Friend of 4-H -
Snow Crystal

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32Buc-a-Roo -
County Fair

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33Jamestown Jr. Farmers -
Farmers Fields

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34Goal Getters -
Martha’s Choice

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35Clover Crew -
Triangles and Squares

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36Classy Caballos -
Windmill LHJ

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37Noah’s Ark -
Ark (only visible North bound)

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38Friend of 4-H -
Wedding Bouquet

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39Pioneers -
Friendship Star Quilt

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40T-Birds/Got Dirt -
Twisted Star

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41Clover All Stars -
Square on Square NP

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42Clover Patch -
Interlocking O’s

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43Friend of 4-H -
Courthouse Square - modified

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