Canoeing & Kayaking

Paddling has never been so much fun.

Canoes: Bring your own or rent one

Experience: From its headwaters, the Little Miami River flows southwesterly for 105 miles before reaching the Ohio River. 86 miles of it are prime canoeing, featuring flat-water float with some challenging turns, fast water, and breathtaking vistas and scenery.

Scenery: More than 340 species of wildflowers line the river. Above Clifton Gorge, it’s a small meandering stream. At Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve the high dolomite cliffs provide an exceptional display of plants most common in climates much farther north. Moving south it widens until reaching Caesar Creek where bluffs as high as 300 feet line the river. Nearing Hamilton and Clermont counties, the flood plain widens to two or three miles in places.

Wildlife: The river hosts more than 87 species of fish, 36 species of mussels, and numerous species of breeding birds.

Recent History: The Little Miami was Ohio’s first designated State Scenic River and Ohio’s first stream to be named a National Scenic River and it’s rich with relics of Ohio’s recent past. Countless Indian villages flourished along its banks. Fort Ancient, a world-famous mound builders’ site is located on high bluffs overlooking the river.

Ancient History: Along the river Boreal relics such as Hemlocks and Junipers provide clear insight into Ohio’s glacial past.