Caesar Ford Park

520 South Stringtown Road
Xenia, OH 45385
(937) 562-6440
Caesar Ford Park is back! Thanks to YOU, we’ve restored and rebuilt the Caesar Ford amphitheater, the dining pavilion, gift shop, and restrooms. Much more than a facelift, Caesar is full of anticipation for a new generation of event-goers and outdoor enthusiasts. We’ve installed 10 miles of multi-purpose trails throughout Caesar Ford Park for mountain bikes, horses, or just a beautiful hike. Don’t worry, you can also access the paved bike trails via the Xenia-Jamestown connector that goes right through the park. Caesar Ford has a family-friendly 18-hole disc golf course. Time to grip ‘n rip, get some tree love, and bang the chains. Experience the brand new championship 18-hole disc golf course custom-designed by pro disc golfer, Gary Dropcho.